Blogs by Librarians

Originally Posted on The Automation Prince

Blogs by Librarians /Information Professionals and Para-Professionals at any level.

  1. RDA – RDA Blog or Resource Description & Access Blog is a blog on Resource Description and Access (RDA), a new library cataloging standard that provides instructions and guidelines on formulating data for resource description and discovery, organized based on the Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR), intended for use by libraries and other cultural organizations replacing Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules (AACR2)
  2. Concierge Librarian – A blog by Mardene Carr; For all things libraries and a little extra.
  3. I work at a public library – A blog that shows what makes a public library amazing is that we welcome everyone.
  4. Librarian Problems – Inspired by other reaction .GIF tumblrs, William started Librarian Problems as a way to anonymously vent common librarian frustrations as well as point out his own quirks as a librarian.
  5. Opinionated and Library Transformation– A true expression of Krystelle Scott’s opinions, thoughts, and emotions.  Additionally, it provides tips on various topics (every now and then).
  6. The Automation Prince – Demar Cornwall (otherwise known as Prince J) is a Jamaican Information Professional and Library Automation Specialist/Advisor  for Jennifer Nelson LLC, completing a B.A in Library and Information Studies with a minor in Pastoral Studies/Practical Theology: Pastoral Counselling.

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